If  you knew you had  60 days before losing your favorite place on Earth, what would you do?

The 'Live In Lockdown' album series from Kerrville Newfolk-Winner Taylor Abrahamse is a real-life answer to that question - a joyous, raw & relentless celebration of creativity & friendship in the face of profound loss. Despite months of work resulting in finding the investors necessary to present multiple competitive offers in order to save his one of a kind, 7-room, 24-track professional recording studio (Silverthorn Studios), Taylor and long-time friend and studio co-founder Bryn Scott-Grimes were shocked to be suddenly tasked with destroying it, and returning to their childhood homes with their finances, friend circle & clientele devastated. Two years of building, seven years of operation - gone in an instant.

In those manic final weeks, Taylor recorded versions of over 120 mostly original songs for 'Live In Lockdown' and other upcoming projects, including songs about the unconscionable recent events. However, there is hope as well - in that time, Taylor also made an agreement with legendary Toronto venue Hugh's Room Live. Still ongoing, if Hugh's Room can secure the necessary funds to buy an East-End Toronto Church, they have agreed to work with Taylor & Bryn to build Silverthorn Studios back even better as part of a non-profit arts & performance community center - an affordable, inclusive & dearly needed creative hub for the next generation of Canadian talent & beyond. 

Starting November 18th, tracks from Live In Lockdown Volume 1 are being released weekly on Patreon, available regardless of subscription.
Until the end of April 2023, half of all proceeds from the 'Live In Lockdown' album sales & Taylor's Patreon will go towards Hugh's Room Live.

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