Voice Acting Coaching From Taylor Abrahamse

In addition to his music career, Taylor Abrahamse is a professional voice actor & voice coach. With decades of experience and hundreds of appearances, he can be heard as a leading role in many series including ‘Fangbone!’ (Disney XD), Yuki in ‘Beyblade: Metal Fury’ (Cartoon Network), Luis in 'The Future Is Wild' (Discovery Kids/Teletoon), as well as regular and supporting roles in series such as 'Norman Picklestripes' (Universal Kids), ‘George Of The Jungle’, 'Blues Clues & You!', 'Top Wing' (Nickelodeon), ‘Total Dramarama' (Cartoon Network), ‘The Cat In The Hat' (PBS), and many more. Resume here.

He also played lead character Luke Stanley for 52 episodes of the groundbreaking cartoon/live-action series 'The Stanley Dynamic' (YTV/Nickelodeon), and was nominated for an ACTRA Award for 'Best Male Performance In Animation' for the leading role of Huxley Plunderman in 'D.N.Ace' (Teletoon). 

In his pro recording studio, Taylor lead 'Inner-Toon Workout' workshops for hundreds of people - allowing them a fun & practical dive into the world of animated voice acting. He has also taught many private students, and lead the 'Inner-Toon Intensive', a six session culmination of his knowledge for voice actors of all experience levels. 

Taylor is happy to provide 'Inner Toon Workouts' and private voice acting coaching over Zoom, or in-person. 

"Ever watched a cartoon and thought: "That looks like FUN!"... Well, you're RIGHT!" - Taylor

During my Inner-Toon Workout group event, you'll get a crash-course on finding your inner-toon while preparing from scratch for an imaginary voice audition! I'll guide you every step of the way & ensure it remains fun, supportive, and tailored to each person's needs. This is perfect for hobbyists, beginners and intermediate voice actors alike. 

During the 2 1/2 hour workshop event...

1. I'll set the tone, we'll get to know each other a bit, and you can ask me any general questions. 
2. We'll do some vocal warmups & exercises together 
3. You'll get to choose from script pages ('Sides') I provide from real cartoon shows & movies. 
4. I'll help you find your character, voice, and give you insight into making your lines 'pop' and your ‘audition’ stand out from the pack. 
5. After a bit of time to practice... 
6. Its record time! I'll record your performance and give you some direction - we'll try a few different 'takes', and I'll give you more in-depth direction. 
7. We'll then listen back, celebrate, and repeat step 6 for everyone. Its very interesting and informative to hear the other participants and the directions they get. 
8. I can answer any final questions, take a group photo, and we can celebrate a job well done! 
9. You'll also receive an email with a recording of your performance soon after.

I'm also available for private voice acting coaching. These sessions are tailored to your needs, and include personalized homework that build & expand upon the foundations of the ‘Inner-Toon Workout’.