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"Taylor Abrahamse is truly one of Canada's most original and outstanding artists [that] I have worked with in some time. His sense of melody, lyrics and song structure along with an amazing skill as a performer, will soon be revealed to the general public."

- Eddie Kramer, Grammy-Winning Producer/Engineer
(Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Bowie, Brian May, Carly Simon, 
The Beatles)

"Taylor has all the talent of some of the worlds mega artists like Michael Jackson, Prince... Seeing him perform is an overwhelming experience." 

- Chris Birkett, Grammy Winning Producer (Sinead O'Connor) 

If you’re singing along to a song you don’t know, and suddenly feeling 10 years younger - you’re probably at a Taylor Abrahamse concert. Like a maple leaf in a gust above the Ontario prairies, Taylor floats blissfully between the borders of song, gender & genre with his/her deftly crafted, hook-laden hammerclaw pop. A Paul Simon/Jim Carrey crossbreed, he’ll leave you laughing, touched, and even singing along - if you can reach that high. 

Starting as a five-year-old Elvis impersonator at county fairs, at age 6, Taylor vowed to never ‘grow up’ in the typical sense, and to always hold onto a sense of play. At 11, he began songwriting, inspired by listening to CDs in the dark by artists such as like Elton John and Queen, while his imagination painted transcendental music videos in his head. At sixteen, he was a finalist on Canadian Idol, and was regularly playing across Ontario.

Fresh from a 2024 Home Routes house concert tour, Taylor is also a 2021 Kerrville Newfolk winner, Canadian Idol & Mariposa finalist, and co-founder of Silverthorn Studios, a much-loved Toronto recording studio which is hopeful to re-open in partnership with venue Hugh's Room Live. He produced & mixed his 2020 Factor/TAC supported debut album in partnership with the great Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, KISS, etc). Along with four singles, acclaimed self-directed & produced music videos, airplay across Canada and a Deluxe Edition released in 2021, it's release sparked a chance to open for multi-Juno-winner Hawksley Workman (one of Taylor’s childhood music heroes!), and a US & Canada tour. Her newest release, ‘Live In Lockdown Vol 1’, was one of many projects Taylor wrote & recorded during a tumultuous farewell to the original Silverthorn Studios space. During its final five weeks, he managed to track versions of over 120 original songs, with frequent musical guests - and often livestreamed. His upcoming project, made possible in part by the Ontario Arts Council, will make use of some of these recordings.

Taylor has also written musicals, and in recent years, been writing with emerging & established songwriters including The Accidentals, Nice Horse & Hawksley Workman, as well as multi-platinum writers Jeff Franzel (N’Sync, Josh Groban), Pam Sheyne (Christina Aguilera), and Liz Rodrigues (Celine Dion, Eminem). He has also written & performed music for many projects including the feature film 'About Fate' starring Emma Roberts, ‘Superwish’ (Teletoon), and ‘Fangbone!’ (Disney XD), one of many animated TV/film series in which Taylor also stars and/or plays supporting characters. His original songs & productions for online media such as Super Planet Dolan, Gardenkeeper Gus & Corus Entertainment have been heard over 21 million times. 

Contact & Booking

Booking (US/Canada) - Dolmen Entertainment Group
Michael Patrick Farrell - mpf@dolmenentertainment.com

Acting - Jude Foster - Foster Talent
Reach Taylor directly through the contact form.

House Concerts:

In addition to public performances, Taylor is available for private or semi-private house concerts. These are fun ways to create community & lasting memories in your own home with an intimate performance, all while directly supporting independent artists. If you want to put on a house concert of your own, and have a space that can handle 10 or more people (living room, backyard, etc), Taylor or his team can happily guide you through the process.

Recent Reviews: 

"What a megatalent!" - Hawksley Workman, Multi-Juno-winner

"Holy s***. Taylor Abrahamse is the first surprise of the morning. “Hellooooo” he sings powerfully from the stage, immediately stopping in their tracks every person... From there, we are off on an astonishing showcase of vocal ability and performance chops that are so impressive I almost forget to mention that he is also a mighty impressive guitarist. ...it’s abundantly clear that he’s spent a lifetime cultivating a voice that can do literally anything... By the time he plays his third and final song, he’s got the audience engaging in the most enthusiastic sing-along I’ve seen so far here... This is a classic case of a guy who could captivate you singing the phone book." - Heather Kitching, Roots Music Canada at Folk Music Ontario - Full Post Here.

"Taylor has struck gold somewhere in the funky Neil Young/Randy Newman mountains. While the collection has a foothold in the golden era of songwriting, the subject matter and the way it’s assiduously handled anchor it firmly in the now. A standout debut from a talent that has arrived." - Lenny Stoute, Cashbox Canada - Full post here.

"Taylor's the only songwriter I know who can write songs in one improvisatory pass that sound as good as something that would take the average talented Jolene months to craft. Every Taylor show features some element of completely off-the-cuff material mixed with sincere and humor-infused platinum-clad songwriter originals, soaring counter-tenor vocals, and intricate acoustic guitar wizardry." - Bryn Scott-Grimes, Singer/Songwriter

"I am so enamored with this delightful debut album release. Taylor and his team paid attention to every creative detail. You will never get bored of listening to any of the well crafted songs." Full Interview with Makeda Taylor - read it here. 

"Stop by his page to see what real determination at full-force truly looks like – I think we could all learn something about that from Taylor." - Jer @ Sleeping Bag Studios - Full post here.