Album Sponsorship Opportunity

 Hi, I'm Taylor Abrahamse - an award-winning singer/songwriter and voice actor. My songs and voice have been featured in many TV shows & even feature films. I have opened for artists like Juno-winner Hawksley Workman, been mentored extensively by legendary Hendrix/KISS producer/engineer Eddie Kramer, and have performed countless times through North America. Recently, I was a Kerrville Newfolk Winner.
Full bio here.

In 2022, I was forced to move out of Toronto and destroy my small business, a 7-room pro recording studio called Silverthorn Studios. This was despite commitments close to $1.45 million to save the property, secured from investors who saw the importance of the studio to the music community.

With only 60 days left with my studio that I had poured my life savings into, I recorded as much as humanly possible - including enough for many live albums. After some initial promotion, I am looking to release 'Live In Lockdown Vol. 1' within the month, but I want it, and its messages, to reach as many people as possible. I believe that through sponsorships, I have found a way to do that while also lifting up other small businesses & entrepeneurs.

As someone who knows what its like to lose their small business, I am passionate about fighting the monopolies & corruption that I believe threaten not only every small business,
but almost every ounce of community, honesty, soul & imagination left in this world. 

Sponsorship Perks

Your perks include:

- A shoutout for your business/service as part of a ‘Sponsored By’ audio track near the end of 'Vol 1'.
- This 'Sponsored By' track will be included on the album in perpetuity on all streaming services, including any re-issues as my career expands. 
- A shoutout for your business/service in the digital booklet of the album, and any physical printings that may occur in the future.  
- A shoutout for your business/service at an album release/celebration concert, and in a post promoting all sponsors on social media.  

Your generous contribution will be used towards: 

- Strategic promotion of the album (and therefore, your business/service)
- Hiring professionals for better mixing & mastering of Vol 1 before release & other projects (only so much I can do!)
- Spreading a message of the importance of small businesses, on an album whose music at times expresses how devastating losing a small business can be.
- Assisting Hugh’s Room Live (Toronto music venue) to afford their dream location & and assist in a potential rebuild of Silverthorn Studios

Additional Benefits Of Your Investment:

- Increased sponsorship visibility as my career continues to grow over the years, all for only a one-time fee.
- I will do extensive outreach to Canadian press, presenting the story of my album & the innovative way I've helped fund it's release.
The results of this will spark further visibility for your business. 
Over the years, I have been interviewed by Global News, CTV, CBC and more.
- I have an extensive amount of social media content I will be releasing to promote, including high quality video clips from the concert in 2022. 
- You will have bragging rights as one of the first businesses involved in this innovative new way to support the arts & small businesses. 
- I am only making 8 sponsorship slots total available for Vol 1, ensuring that your business visibility is not diluted. 

Tier Levels

In addition to purchasing a tier listed below, joining Taylor's Patreon at the 'Patron Saint' level will automatically upgrade you to the next tier. 

$250 CAD Entry-Level Tier
- Your business name, slogan, 1-sentence summary and website address will be read by Taylor in the ‘Sponsored By’ track, and kept there in perpetuity across all streaming platforms where the album is available. 
- Your business name, slogan, and website will also be included in the digital album booklet & any physical printings.
- Shoutout for your business/service by Taylor at an album release concert.  
- Your businesses logo, name and social media handle will be featured in a post promoting the sponsors on Instagram & Facebook.
In total, Taylor has a reach of nearly 7,000 followers.  

$350 CAD Silver Tier
- In addition to everything in the $250 tier, Taylor will write a 5-10 second jingle for your business. With your approval, it will be sung & played by Taylor on acoustic guitar as part of the sponsored track.  
- The business summary can now be up to two sentences long.  
- The shoutout for your business/service by Taylor at an album release concert will also include a live performance of the jingle.

$500 CAD Gold Tier
- In addition to everything in the $350 Tier, the jingle Taylor will write will be 10-20 seconds long.
With your approval, it will be sung & played as part of the ‘Sponsored By’ track by Taylor with whatever instruments it requires to feel fully produced.  
- Taylor will also make a separate video about your business included in the sponsor social media post, similar in spirit to this recent post he made for Two rounds of revisions can be requested before posting. 

If you would like a license to use the jingle commercially, please reach out to Taylor to discuss pricing. Reasonable rates are available. 

Sponsorship Window Closes Feb 18th, 2023
Only 8  Slots Available

Act Fast!

Purchase of a tier can be made via E-transfer to, in-person cash drop-off,
or if out of the country, via Taylor's PayPal.Me link. 

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