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These days are an exciting, but sometimes its also tempting to see it as a downright tragic time to be an independent musician: our recordings make very little, every new trick to build our audiences is yet another 'investment' that we may or may not recuperate, feels disingenuous or enables dubious platforms, and live music has become a hit-or-miss industry regardless of global pandemics. Sometimes it seems the only way to make a reliable living is to sell out & spread ourselves thin with odd jobs when managing one's own indie music career is already twelve jobs in one. Its easy for it to feel like its all a snake eating its own tail. I am thankful I have been able to do this at all - but I also know I have a gift, and you may too if you are on this page - and with that gift comes a sense of responsibility. I have put in preposterous hours, decades, into what I do, and knows in my bones I have something worth sharing & cultivating to its fullest. In today's industry - sometimes, it is tempting to feel robbed & like my chance to give the freedom & joy I was born to through my music... is snuffed out before it even got to start.

But there is a way to turn this all around...

With payments as low as a small coffee per month, you can support me to do what I'm best at: be creative. Check out the tiers listed to the right. With enough support, I can spend most of my time making music for YOU, and delegate more of the tedious music business stuff to people more qualified than me to do it. And with even a small team - so much more becomes possible!

They say if an artist has 1000 loyal, paying fans, that is all they really need to make a living & pay their team. 1000 fans is the spark that starts the flame, and each new patron, big or small, helps create the conditions where not only stability, but in the right hands, a legendary career can develop.

The less time & focus artists give to creating, the more the human spirit gradually suffers, and art & innovation quietly disappears from this world. Help keep the arts alive in a world that continually takes them for granted. Its up to us to create a revolution in musical authenticity & innovation - and that's not going to happen with the same old approach. Its up to us to cut out the middlemen, the streaming giants, the labels, and invest directly in the artists we love.

Your patronage will get you awesome perks, including:

- Exclusive discounts on EVERYTHING in my store, including custom & improvised songs 
- Free digital download access to ALL of my present & upcoming music
- At certain tiers, you can get custom music from me, and even a private Zoom concert.
- As soon as I'm making $50 /month from my Patrons, I'll start re-unveiling The Abravault - a monstrous collection of thousands of demos, dictations, photos, videos, lyrics & more, spanning my entire life. Think of it as my very own Netflix! I'll also make an effort to keep regularly updating it.

Check along the side for my tiers, and find the one that works for you.

With the utmost thanks for reading,